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mc²56 – Performance, pure and .²
A good console just got even better.
Compact, flexible, versatile. With a resourceful engine under the hood, there’s plenty of power to handle any situation. It is easy to understand, and intuitive to operate. This is the new mc²56. The console delivers performance, and is thus extremely suitable for everyday use. The new mc²56 combines the proven quality of its predecessors with new features, improved functions and clever innovations. Our conclusion in a single sentence: the new mc²56 is the best mc²56 ever. For maximum performance — pure and .
Full mc² functionality in a small footprint.
The highlights of the mc²56.
From extra small to extra large: The mc²56’s five frame sizes.
The size of the task determines the size of the tool, and not vice-versa. Therefore, the mc²56 is now available in five different frame sizes: for example, 16 faders for smaller outside broadcast vehicles or 80 faders for more complex challenges. With the mc256, you can get the mixing console to meet your exact requirements, tailor-made. The console is extremely flexible.
Form follows function: The central control section.
Easy-to-reach user-buttons, large trackball buttons, touchscreen in the central GUI, fancy-looking illuminated rotary knobs – anyone who sits down with the mc256 will want to get started immediately. And, thanks to many carefully thought-out details and clever features, the console is easy to understand and very intuitive to operate.

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