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NDT engages in Tencent's "Produce 101" Girl's Live Show


    "Produce 101" is the first Chinese Girls’ show to compete for survival show launched by Tencent Video.

    The program brought together 101 idol girls’ group trainees, through training, assessment to make players grow under the instrction of star instructors, and finally vote to select 11 female students to form a new idol group debut.



    NDT cooperated with Tencent and provided technical support for the live broadcast of the program. It built a computer room for the center of the Zhejiang Raido and Television Broadcasting Group's international film and television base as the core, 2500 studios, a computer room, a post-production room, a rehearsal room, and an interview room. The perfect video transmission, collection and post-production system supplemented by the dormitories and the Guali Sub-meeting Site provided strong support for the shooting, signal transmission, and storage of programs.



    NDT guarantees the normal transmission of signals and participates in the entire process of the installation of equipment rooms and cabinet equipment, the laying and connection of cables such as video optical network cables, and the commissioning and operation of collection systems.



    The program was premiered on Tencent's video on April 21st. At present, the program is well taken, transmitted, collected, and dispatched. It has received widespread attention from the society.


    In recent years, NDT has been actively launching broadcast service business and providing professional technical services for many influential entertainment programs of provincial TV stations, including "I am a singer", "Tmall Twins 11 Carnival Night", "Trump Ace", etc. In the future, we will be more sophisticated in our technical expertise and show our abilities in the era of big entertainment!

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